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  • Mayors Cup 2021
     (13.02.2021 - 15.02.2021)

    Well organized international tournament in the gambler destination town Las Vegas. The tournament is co-hosted by the city of Las Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club.
    It's a high level international tournament where the teams have the opportunity to present themselves to several scouts and college coaches from all over the US. Most of the matches will take place on Saturday and Sunday, finals will be played on Monday. All matches will be 11a-side in a team, sometimes in a mix with US refs. Las Vegas is a city in the desert, the weather will be warm and dry, in the evening or in the morning it might be very cold. The weather conditions and high quality of the games require only referees with good physical condition. They need to be experienced in leading games with assistant referees. This tournament is suitable for vacation before and after the event. There are certain possibilities in and around Vegas. E.g. tours through Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hoover Dam, San Diego and much more are possible. Ask for details. Even a combination with the tournament in Phoenix is possible and recommended, ask for details.

    Location Las Vegas, Nevada
    Date 13.02.2021 - 15.02.2021
    Arrival / Departure 12.02.2021 - 16.02.2021
    Deadline for applications 30.11.2020
    Classes Boys U11 - U19 (for us mostly U17 and U1
    Accomodation In Hotels
    Food Supply None
    age limits 18-55
    Payment $85 per match per refteam (2*30 min.) & $95 per match per refteam (2*35 min.)
    Referee Vacancies 30/30
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2021 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    All referees are obliged to apply for the right visa for this tour – based on several experiences we recommend the B1/B2 Visa which you can apply for online. See However the selection of the right Visa is totally up to you. REFEX doesn’t take any responsibility for the costs related to your VISA application, neither if your application is approved or rejected. We suggest you wait until your visa application has been approved before booking flights. REFEX will not be responsible for any travel or other associated costs. After the tournament, you will get 100 US$ contribution from REFEX towards your travel costs. Car sharing: 15,00 - 20 Euro pr. day including all insurance - not including roadside (US$ 10,00 pr. day - to share) service & gas!! Own Car possible min. age 25 years.
    REFEX-Contact Patrick Lepperhoff
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  • Norhalne Cup 2021
     (13.05.2021 - 15.05.2021)

    Nørhalne Cup is the 3rd biggest tournament in Denmark with about 550 youth teams and more than 1900 games in elite classes and amateur classes. It's a good experience especially for younger referees who want to gain more experience and qualified feedback. The referees will lead matches in a team and work alone.
    At Nørhalne Cup REFEX is responsible for all matters regarding the tournament referees as we are part of the official organization of Norhalne Cup. Norhalne Cup is our main partner and fully supports the referees and their job on the fields. We provide training and feedback to the main part of the tournament, the referee job. A staff of qualified observers is supporting the referees. The referee observers are well trained, experienced and qualified to support the referees in their development of their career and skills. Therefore, applications of observers are also welcome at this tournament. We are looking for referees, who should be at least 17 years old at time of the tournament with a minimum 1 year of experience. One of the requirements could be replaced by a written recommendation from your local association. You will be accommodated in Nørhalne School, which is reserved only for referees - breakfast and dinner are served at the school - lunch (sandwiches) at the fields. You can expect challenging but fun days with referees from several countries all over the world. Due to the great characters of the referees, Norhalne Cup provides great fun as well! We will have referee groups and many individual referees. Referees who are part of a group should contact their leaders directly. Individual referees can apply by their own via our application process on the website.

    Location Norhalne
    Date 13.05.2021 - 15.05.2021
    Arrival / Departure 12.05.2021 - 16.05.2021
    Deadline for applications 01.05.2021
    Classes U9 to U17, Elite and Non-Elite
    Accomodation In school: sleeping bag, pillow and mattress required
    Food Supply full accommodation, breakfast & dinner in school, lunch (sandwiches) at the fiel
    age limits 17-65
    Payment 8€ per game as (assistant) referee; Observer: 75,00 Euro for all 3 days
    Referee Vacancies 180/180
    Observer Vacancies 15 / 15
    Fees tournament fee: € 0.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2021 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    extra program Referees from outside Denmark and Germany can travel to Copenhagen and can take a tournament bus from Copenhagen to Norhalne. This trip will be about 5 hours drive, so arrival in Copenhagen must be before lunch time. This service is only available Wednesday (from Copenhagen) and Sunday (to Copenhagen). If you would like to use this service, check the optional extra programme with Yes.
    For Danish referees only - Kun for danske dommere: Danske dommere afregnes via DBU Jylland i henhold til de til enhver tid gældende takster indgået mellem DFU og DBU. Nørhalne cup afregner dommere med fuldt dagsbeløb på kr. 500, hvis man overnatter i dommer kvarteret og i øvrigt er til fuld rådighed alle 3 kampdage. I henhold til enhver tid gældene aftaler mellem DBU og DFU vil betaling og modregning offentligøres når den aktuelt foreligger forelægger. Kampfordeling bliver foretaget af REFEX, som indberetter kampe, dømt af danske dommere til DBU Jylland, hvorfra jeres afregning vil ske. Der vil ikke kunne afregnes kørselsgodtgørelse til denne turnering, men vi er behjælpelige med transport fra Sjælland, samt Odense og Aarhus med vores egne busser. Afregningen for Nørhalne Cup henholder sig til nedenstående aftale som kan ses her: href="">DBU Skulle der ske ændringer i dommer honoraret vil diesse regler blive rettet til efter behovet. Ret til ændringer forbeholdes således.
    REFEX-Contact Oliver Dick
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