about REFEX

REFEX = referee exchange

REFEX offers referees the possibility to participate in international tournaments worldwide.
It is an organization which aims to serve as liaison between tournament organisers and referees. We provide referees to tournaments (especially youth tournaments) all over the world. This is an opportunity for referees to gain very enriching experiences.

To the tournaments organisers we can provide the following services:

  • Referee planning
  • Contact person for referees in the field
  • Referee observation and evaluation

Our collaborators are or have been referees/evaluators, some of them in very high categories, and have therefore the relevant specialized knowledge. Refex is very proud of having cooperated for more than 20 years with many tournament organisers. Our engagement is not driven by profit. None of us, Refex collaborators, carry out this activity as our main job, but rather in our spare time as many other football club members.

REFEX - the strong link between referees and tournaments
Our history

Today REFEX is a company that is located in Germany. But we have Danish roots and we have been provding our services since the year 2000. Up to 2016 Dansk Dommerformidling REFEX was owned by MIchael Wachowiak with an engaged staff of volunteers. In 2016 we decided to change the legal entity of REFEX and transfrom it to its current state (a "ltd". company). Although it is now a company we don't do this business to remove much money. Our philosophy is still the same. To show our tradition and greatefulness for MIchael Wachowiaks work, our logo still deflects our Danish roots.

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