frequently asked questions & answers

  • What do you get for your work at REFEX?
    We hope to gain your respect and your gratitude. That is a great reward.
    All of us work as volunteers for REFEX; no one earns money from this. Even our managing director is not paid.
    We just do it for the love of sport and the referee job.
  • If no one earns money at REFEX, why do you charge fees?
    We need those fees to cover all our administrative costs (website, phonecalls, fees, etc). When we send someone to a tournament to manage the referee group they get a subsidy to partly cover their travel expenses.
  • What am I required to do after I've signed up?
    All we ask is that you keep your contact information and other data up to date. Once you have registered you get a user access to our website and the possibility to apply for our tournaments.
  • What do I have to do if I want to participate in a tournament?
    First you have to sign up for REFEX through our website. After your registration has been confirmed (this is not done automatically by the system, we have to work on your data) you will get a welcome email containing your login credentials. Now you may use the website to login (-> my REFEX) and apply for a tournament on the tournament page by using the apply-button.
    (registered users can find a detailed description in the download section)
  • What does it cost me?
    Registration for REFEX is always free. If you participate in a tournament in a certain year the annual fee is due (only once a year!). Depending on the tournament, an additional tournament fee may be due. Most tournaments offer free accommodation and food and at some of our tournaments you will also get paid. Full details can be found in the tournament descriptions.
  • When/How do I have to pay the fees?
    After you've been confirmed for participation in a tournament, we wait at minimum 2 weeks. During that period you may cancel your participation without any costs. After that you will get an invoice which will specify a due date. You may pay by bank transfer or using PayPal. At some tournaments, payment is taken in cash directly at the tournament (see the tournament descriptions). For these tournaments, you will not receive an invoice in advance and your payment will be taken when you get the payment for your games
    (registered users can find a detailed description of the invoice procedure in the download section)
  • What happens if I don't pay in time?
    We will send you a friendly reminder, but reminder charges apply. Please pay on time to avoid this. Fulfilling your tasks/payment on time is also a good sign for us that we can rely on you. If you don't pay after the reminder, we will conclude that you are not interested in participating in the tournament and we will cancel your participation. See also our terms and conditions for participation.
    (registered users can find a detailed description of the invoice procedure in the download section)
  • How do I get to a tournament?
    You have to organize your journey by yourself. We cannot provide transportation. If you are travelling by car, we recommend that you coordinate with colleagues in your area to share costs.
  • Am I covered by an insurance?
    As your participation happens in your spare time, you are responsible for arranging and paying for your own insurance. We suggest all participants to be covered by travel, health and accident insurance and also travel cancellation insurance.
  • What do I have to do if I cannot participate?
    On your personal page (after you login) you can find a list of your participations / applications. There you will find a button for cancelling. This is the only way to cancel. Please do not use emails or phone calls for this purpose.
    (registered users find a detailed description in the download section)
  • Who do I ask in case of questions/problems?
    If it is a tournament related question, ask our person in charge for the tournament. Go to the tournament page on our website and you will find a button to contact them. In any other case get in contact with the person you find on your personal page as your REFEX-contact or email refex@refex.org. If you are already at a tournament and you have a question or problem, there will be a REFEX representative available for you.
  • What's going to happen after I have applied for a tournament?
    First we collect applications to select the right referees. Applying for a tournament does not mean that you're automatically accepted! We don't operate 'first come first serve', we try to find the right team of referees for each tournament. This process is in the hand of tournament leader, so you may have to wait a while. Thanks for your patience during this time. You will then receive an email from our system with your confirmation or rejection.
  • How do I get to know where I have to go exactly?
    A few weeks before the start of the tournament, we send out an information letter a with detailed description of the tournament, location and many other useful details.
  • What happens between my confirmation and start of the tournament?
    Before each tournament we send out an information letter with detailed information on the tournament. Additionally, we send out a survey to ask you for some information we need to ensure you can have the best possible experience. It is important that you answer those questions so we can prepare as well as possible.
  • What happens during a tournament?
    Normally at a tournament there will be at least one representative of REFEX to look after you. Our representatives may also act as coaches or observers and have an eye on the performance of the referees. It is our promise to the tournament to ensure good quality. It is also a chance for you to get helpful hints and to improve. At some tournaments we are also responsible for the complete administration including assignment of games. We also try to support you in your spare time after the games. We aim to give you a great overall experience.
  • What happens after a tournament?
    With the final whistle our job isn't done. We are interested in your feedback to get to know what you liked and where we can improve. So, after a tournament we send out a post-tournament survey. Please help us by providing your feedback.
  • Me and a friend will go to the same tournament. I have received an invoice but they haven't. Why do I have to pay but they don't have to?
    Everyone has to pay the fees. Some will get the invoice earlier; some get it later. All the invoices aren't created on the same day, as we do not have a full-time accountant and we are managing REFEX in our spare time. If you have also applied for another tournament, we may wait to see if you are accepted on that tournament so that we can just issue one combined invoice.