05.12.2018 Bröndby Cup 2019
Dear fellow referees! 

Our famous international soccer tournament, we fill with referees, BRÖNDBY CUP is online for your applications! 

We are looking for 15 referees for five days and 5 referees for three days.

Looking forward seeing you at the Cup in Copenhagen.


21.11.2018 USA Cup in Minneapolis
After a very good first year with REFEX at the USA Cup in July 2018 we have now the next edition for 2019 ready for your application.

USA Cup is a very big international tournament with international referees from all over the world. USA Cup is pleased to serve you again and provides a nice time with a great tournament for you as referee and getting more international experience. 

Applications are welcome here

09.11.2018 Great Adventure SINGA CUP!
We have been in Singapore with a group of referees nor for the fifth year.

Eleven referees had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time very much, now following some vacation in south east Asia. 
Thanks a lot for you engagement and bringing so much fun into the international group of referees as such a great international soccer tournament. 

18.10.2018 Norhalne Cup 2019 Referee
We are very proud of all our friends who like our work at the international soccer tournaments as referees so much. 
We can already announce that the Norhalne Cup 2019 has reached the maximum amount of referees we can accept. 
Thanks a lot to all of you, your trust in us and we are looking forward meeting all of you in May 2019.

10.10.2018 International CEE Cup in Prague ready for your application
The very high class U19 international tournament in Prague is ready for the application of referees! 

Are you an experienced referee, experienced assistant referee but want to strengthen your own profile, your skills and your quality while being at a high class international tournament as a referee.

Apply here for the CEE-Cup tournament in Prague.

26.09.2018 Norhalne Cup 2019 online
Our home tournament, Norhalne Cup, is ready for our application for the 2019 tournament.
Follow us here to apply for the tournament.
New for foreign referees is the possibility to travel with the tournament bus from Copenhagen and back, if you have flights to Copenhagen to make the travel easier. 

Referee International Tournament 

09.08.2018 US Tournaments 2019 Online
We are pleased to announce that our US tournaments in February (LasVegas and Phoenix) are online for your application.

Apply here

07.08.2018 Reycup 2018
Again a group of REFEX-referees has been on iceland to the "Rey Cup international football and fun festival".
Again it was a great experience, we had a good time there. The tournament was very satisfied with the performance of our referees. The idea of our referees to make a donation for each goal in their games was highly appreaciated. A more detailed report will follow soon.

06.08.2018 HCA Cup Odense 2018
We are happy to serve HCA Cup in Odense also in 2018.

Do you like to participate in a nice tournament with quality teams and lead all games as a trio? Then go for this smaller but nice weekend tournament in Denmark! 

HCA Cup 2018

We are looking forward to your applications.

19.07.2018 REFEX at CEE Cup
CEE Cup in Pague  reports about REFEX and their cooperation with us.
Please read this nice report: http://www.ceecup.org/en/novinka-171-Unique-project-invites-referees-from-Iceland-and-Gibraltar

14.05.2018 Norhalne Cup 2018: Thank you staff!
Dear staff-members of Norhalne-Cup 2018

thanks a lot all the efforts you have spend before and during Norhalne Cup to make it such a sucess.
It was great how you cared for the referees. Not only in supporting them to get the referee-job done but also on any other issues or questions.
Your care and your positive attitude was absolutley great!
Wihtout you, the positive experience of the referees and the tournament would only be half as great (or even less).
Thank's a lot!

14.05.2018 Norhalne Cup 2018: Thank you observers!
Dear observer-team of Norhalne Cup 2018

thanks for your excellent work at Norhlane Cup. Your feedback was a great and useful support for the referees.
Your engagement is an important component in our mission to provide good referee perfomances. Your work gives the tournament and the referees a great benefit.
Thank's a lot!

14.05.2018 Norhalne Cup 2018: Thank you referees!
Dear all referees of Norhalne Cup 2018

Thank you all for your participation and good performance at Norhalne Cup. We had good feedback, there wasn't a single complaint.
Also thanks for your great support when some help was needed. A great teamwork of the whole group, a fantastic spirit.
Thank's a lot!

11.05.2018 REFEX honoured by Norhalne Cup
REFEX has been honoured by Norhalne Cup for 20 years of support.
We feel much gratitude to be part of this tournament and it is a pleasure for us to serve Norhalne IF and all busy people that make this tournament such a wonderful success.

09.04.2018 USA Cup Application Closed
The application process for the USA CUP 2018 has now been closed. 

12 referees will have a superior time in Minnesota. 

Michael Wiecha as the tournament responsible REFEX staff will be with the group to support and to provide all possible service, incl. help to enjoy the time as best as possible! 

30.03.2018 REFEX and the GDPR
In the last weeks we've spend much time and efforts on checking all our data and all our processes how good they comply to privacy regulations. Especially as a new regulation will become valid in May.
They result was good! We care for your data very well! So you can rely on us, that there is no illegal use of your data. We only keep data that we need, we don't give them to others (only the needed information. to tournaments).
As you have also seen, we care for your privacy rights. We secure information against iollegal access.
You and your data are in good and responsible hands at REFEX. This is good for us to avoidn trouble but also very good.

18.03.2018 Review: US Tournaments
The first tournament which we were part of was in Las Vegas (Nevada). It was a well organised tournament and we had good matches. Most of the matches where U17 and U19. We were there with 15 referees, everyone had about 9-11 matches within the three days. The assignor organised our matches so that we had enough free time for sightseeing and gambling. We had a nice time, and we saw good performances from our referees.

Two of our referees returned home after the first tournament. The other 13 took a tour of the Old Route 66, Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon and Flagstaff and then drove to Phoenix where we had the second tournament. It was a well organised big tournament with girls and boys matches.  

We had a lot of fun in our nice group of referees. We had referees from England, Germany and Spain. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys again at one of our other tournaments!

07.02.2018 New tournament in Hadsund (DK) in September
We have a new partner, the Football Talent Trophy, hosted by Hadsund BK in the northern part of Denmark. 
It is a high quality tournamennt for U12/U13 teams. See our tournament description for details. It is particularly suited for younger referees, a good chance to make new experiences and to learn with the support by qualified instructors.

28.01.2018 CEE Cup in Prague, July 2018
One of the most famous tournaments for teams from eastern europe is looking for some good referees. Our Partner CEE Cup invites us again to serve this high class tournament. You need to have some xears exprience in higher classes with official AR at your side. The tournament takes olkace in Prague, July 25th-31th. See our tournament description for more details. A challenge you shouldn't miss!

09.01.2018 Singa Cup 2018 online
Dear all, 
our very valued tournament in Asia, Singa Cup, edition 2018, is online on our homepage and open for application.
Dont miss this adventure in the far east.
Welcome to Singapore.
Your tournament leader in Singapore

01.01.2018 Happy new year 2018!
Happy new year to all of of you!
To our referees that have been with us to fantastic tournaments and to our partners, the tournament hosts, that offered such interesting tourtnaments.
Looking forward to 2018 we wish you all a good year, succeeding in sports but also good luck and health and that you reach your goals in the next 365 days.
REFEX is looking forward to your great cooperation and support.

21.12.2017 Merry Christmas!