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  • Singa Cup 2023
     (04.11.2023 - 11.11.2023)

    Presenting you: Our Asian pearl, the Singa Cup.

    Have a great time with us in Singapore. Refereeing with great people from all over the world will give you the chance to get a better view of how cooperation works in other countries. On top of that we will be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. At this tournament we combine travelling, refereeing and adventure. We are absolutelty conviced, that you will have a fantastic experience!

    Welcome to Asia’s premier international youth tournament.

    After arriving in beautiful Singapore you will be able to participate in a tournament with around 100 famous Asian and Australian teams. In total almost 250 games will be played. The tournament expects higher class referees with good refereeing skills.

    Good English language skills are a must. Singapore has a different (humid) climate than Europe.  You really should be in a good physical condition. All our participants need to be used to refereeing with assistant referees.

    There are many attractions in Singapore which you can visit (Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown and the many malls and restaurants as well as Habour City where the amusement area is).  It is also possible to travel in the area before or after the tournament (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand is only a 1 hour flight away and there are ferries to Indonesia and the Philipines are not far away as well). 

    Our referees are located in a hotel (with breakfast) in the city. Transportation to the tournament area will be provided by the organization. We recommend arrival on November 2nd because of the time differerence and because many flights from Europe are arriving late in Singapore. 

    We are sure our referees will have a great time in Singapore and will be able to meet fantastic people from all over the world and get the chance to learn what Asian famous hospitality is.

    Location The Cage Sports Park, Singapore
    Date 04.11.2023 - 11.11.2023
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 27.08.2023
    Classes All youth classes 11 a side and 7 a side
    Accomodation Hotel (incl. transportation to the games)
    Food Supply Breakfast at the hotel and food at the fields in tournament time
    age limits 18 - 55
    Payment see details below
    Referee Vacancies 0/12 ‐ sold out!
    Fees tournament fee: € 50.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2023 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.

    Please be aware of special rules in Singapore and VISA obligations for your country. After registration we will send you a pre-confirmation email which will include further information and documents. After that you have to arrange your flights and fill in the documents (incl. permission from your association). Only if you provide all the right documents to us you will get a final confirmation, otherwise your participation will be cancelled. Please have a look on the website of the Singapore Customs and Health Organization to avoid problems. Be aware that not all medicines are allowed into Singapore! Travel and entry is your own responsibility.  Please do not book any flight before we have a cleared entry to Singapore. 

    11 a side: 40 SGD (REF) - 30 SGD (AR), 7 a side: 20 SDG.
    The organization will pay REFEX, who will finance the joint costs (hotel, each Hotel night is up to 80SGD per night per person in double room). The balance will then be split between all the referees  individually. For information, in previous years our referees received around 100 SGD after the tournament. 

    We cannot predict which regulations will apply in November and will keep you updated about the regulations we receive. Please have an eye on that too.

    REFEX-Contact Knut Hagenow
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  • Mayor's Cup 2024
     (17.02.2024 - 19.02.2024)

    Well organized international tournament in the gambler destination town Las Vegas. The tournament is co-hosted by the city of Las Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club.


    It's a high level international tournament where the teams have the opportunity to present themselves to several scouts and college coaches from all over the US. Most of the matches will take place on Friday and Saturday, finals will be played on Sunday. All matches will be 11a-side in a team, sometimes in a mix with US refs. Las Vegas is a city in the desert, the weather will be warm and dry, in the evening or in the morning it might be cold. The weather conditions and high quality of the games require only referees with good physical condition. They need to be experienced in leading games with assistant referees. This tournament is suitable for vacation before and after the event. There are certain possibilities in and around Vegas. E.g. tours through Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hoover Dam, San Diego and much more are possible. Ask for details.

    Location Las Vegas, Nevada
    Date 17.02.2024 - 19.02.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 31.12.2023
    Classes Boys U11 - U19 (for us mostly U15 - U19)
    Accomodation In Hotels
    Food Supply None
    age limits 18-55
    Payment $85 per match per refteam (2*30 min.) & $95 per match per refteam (2*35 min.)
    Referee Vacancies 49/50 ‐ only 49 vacancie(s) left!
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.

    All referees are obliged to apply for the right visa for this tour – based on several experiences we recommend the B1/B2 Visa which you can apply for online. See the US Embassy. However the selection of the right Visa is totally up to you. REFEX doesn’t take any responsibility for the costs related to your VISA application, neither if your application is approved or rejected. We suggest you wait until your visa application has been approved before booking flights. REFEX will not be responsible for any travel or other associated costs. After the tournament, you will get 100 US$ contribution from REFEX towards your travel costs. Car sharing: 15,00 - 20 Euro pr. day including all insurance - not including roadside (US$ 10,00 pr. day - to share) service & gas!! Own Car possible min. age 25 years. Be aware that we can not confirm participation until we know the Covid-19 situation.

    REFEX-Contact Patrick Lepperhoff
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    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • Holland Cup 2024
     (30.03.2024 - 31.03.2024)

    Holland Cup is a perfect experience if you are looking for very good hospitality, fantastic and friendly people, refereeing in the middle of nature and if you want to meet lots of international teams. Same as in de scandinavian countries, you will meet lots of international teams (boys, girls and elite). After two years of pandemic, edition '22 was our first experience. We certainly do not regret our precense. Travel with us to Holland during Easter period, really.. don't hesitate! In 2023 we had referees from 7 countries. Is it possible to do better in 2024?

    Around 300 teams from all of Europe: now that's an international competition. With the Holland Cup, it's clear to see that football really is a world sport. Whether you're from Scotland or Italy, whatever language you speak - everyone shares the same passion. So get involved in the new edition! You'll be warmly welcomed in Almere, close to Amsterdam. The international competition takes place across four beautiful sports parks around the centre of Almere. And if you want to blow off a little steam, you can visit the nearby Johan Cruijff Arena, the home grounds of Ajax or the famous centre of Amsterdam. It'll be a thrilling weekend in March ...

    Your journey can start on Friday evening or Saturday morning. We advise all the people coming from outside of The Netherlands, to arrive on Friday afternoon. Dinner will be provided in the sleeping place. On Saturday morning you will get breakfast at the sleeping place. You will have a complete food supply at the game locations and in the evening there will be dinner provided at the accommodation. Same on Sunday, but very nice 'ending of the tournament dinner' will be provided at the game locations. You can travel back home on Sunday evening or Monday morning. There will be transport provided to the game locations from the sleeping place (car sharing), or you can travel by your own. Some locations are near the Referee accommodation and are accessible on foot. On Friday evening we will have a mandatory meeting (online if you are still not in Almere) and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening there is always time to have some drinks with your new referees friends. 

    Location Almere (Amsterdam), Netherlands
    Date 30.03.2024 - 31.03.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 14.03.2023
    Classes U12 - U19
    Accomodation Will be confirmed after application
    Food Supply Full accommodation provided by the tournament, see description.
    age limits 14+
    Payment Min 80 EUR for the two days
    Referee Vacancies 85/100
    Observer Vacancies 0 / 1
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    extra program

    A possibility will be worked out for an extra night before and after the tournament. Please tick 'yes' if you are interested in participating in this opportunity.

    Please note that this form is a pre-registration. The conditions can still be adjusted (to better). You will be informed of any changes during the year. The accommodation for the referees is still under negotiation for 2024, as it will change compared to the previous editions. Detailed info will be published and distributed as soon as possible.

    REFEX-Contact Jakub Stefanski
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  • WM Soccer Nijlen 2024
     (01.05.2024 - 05.05.2024)

    Have you ever been to Flanders? A visit to Nijlen and the region is definitely worth a try. Nijlen is the beginning of the Flemish pearl - the 'Antwerpse Kempen' region. Besides being beautiful to visit, about 7500 people are guests there during the first of May and the first weekend of May for the final weekend of a football tournament. A final long 'weekend' of Elite teams where you will undoubtedly be greatly surprised by the level. In any case... be welcome to register and taste the Flemish hospitality!

    For an entire football season, teams from all over Belgium play the preliminary round of this tournament. They start with competitions within their region and can then progress to provincial qualification and then eventually be allowed to participate in these three days. You can already imagine what this means. Some of the matches are very high quality matches. Everyone comes to win. You arrive on Tueday (little chance to arrive on Friday for only two days of refereeing: please contact us after applying) and will be picked up at the airport if necessary. The tournament is played in a region that can be reached via many airports: Brussels Zaventem (Standard and lowcost) - Eindhoven (Lowcost) - Charleroi (Lowcost) and a few others. Your lodging will be located in the capital of our Flemish part of Belgium - Antwerp are. This offers countless possibilities outside of refereeing matches. An accommodation will be provided starting from Tuesday afternoon till Monday morning. There will be a possibility to arrive earlier and/ or staying longer, but you'll have to pay for those nights by yourself. The competitions will be very challenging, but there will also be time for relaxation. You are received and treated like a king, but the tournament also requires top referees. Would you like to participate in this fantastic tournament? Do not hesitate and register as soon as possible! 

    You have to be prepared to lead matches of Elite teams. This means that you are familiar with refereeing in threes. It is allowed to use tools like buzzers or headsets. The tournament concerns a final day for Belgian teams, so these will be Dutch-speaking and French-speaking with some exceptions for German-speaking teams. Highly qualified referees are expected from us. You will also have the chance to be coached during the tournament and an evaluation of the performances will be made. We expect a very good knowledge of the English language. Speaking Dutch or French is a very big plus.

    Planning if you come over for the 3 tournament days
    Tuesday: arrival and check-in at accommodation (afternoon)
    Wednesday: tournament day 1
    Thursday: day off - group activities and sightseeing
    Friday: day off - group activiteites and sightseeing
    Saturday: tournament day 2
    Sunday: tournament day 3
    Monday: check-out

    Planning if you come over for the weekend tournament
    Friday: Arrival and sightseeing
    Saturday: tournament day 2
    Sunday: tournament day 3
    Monday: check-out

    Food and drinks will be included on tournament days on location (KFC Nijlen). During the days off, everyone is free to choose what they drink/eat. It is possible to bring your partner to the tournament. That person pays half the price of a double room as the cost of participation. This cost will be communicated later when it is known.

    Let us know after your application whether you would like to participate in the full tournament (with two days off in between) or just for the weekend. Tournament fee by arrival on Tuesday: €40, by arrival on Friday: €20.

    Location Nijlen, Antwerp
    Date 01.05.2024 - 05.05.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 01.03.2024
    Classes U10 - U21: regional, state and national
    Accomodation Good accommodation (hotel)
    Food Supply Full supply during the tournament. You'll be treated like a king
    age limits 14+
    Payment *** accommodation during the tournament and travel expenses partly
    Referee Vacancies 13/16
    Observer Vacancies 1 / 1
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.

    Belgian referees (Voetbal Vlaanderen - ACFF - RBFA) will get more information about their participation after we received their application. Belgische scheidsrechters (Voetbal Vlaanderen - ACFF - RBFA) krijgen meer informatie en voorwaarden over hun deelname nadat we hun aanvraag hebben ontvangen. Deze tellen niet mee in het aantal beschikbare plaatsen. Belgische scheidsrechters betalen geen tournament fee indien ze thuis slapen. Les arbitres belges (Voetbal Vlaanderen - ACFF - RBFA) recevront plus d'informations sur leur participation après réception de leur candidature. Ceux-ci ne comptent pas dans le nombre de places disponibles. Les arbitres belges ne paient pas de frais de tournoi s'ils dorment chez eux. Belgische Schiedsrichter (Voetbal Vlaanderen - ACFF - RBFA) erhalten weitere Informationen über ihre Teilnahme, nachdem wir ihre Bewerbung erhalten haben. Diese zählen nicht zu den verfügbaren Plätzen. Belgische Schiedsrichter zahlen keine Turniergebühr, wenn sie zu Hause schlafen.

    REFEX-Contact Jakub Stefanski
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    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • Norhalne Cup 2024
     (09.05.2024 - 11.05.2024)

    Have you ever been at a 160 referee BBQ Party?

    Nørhalne Cup is the 3rd biggest tournament in Denmark with about 500 youth teams and more than 1800 games in elite classes and amateur classes. It's a good experience especially for younger referees who want to gain more experience and qualified feedback.


    A lot of games, a lot of fun and meeting new friends from all over the world.

    At Nørhalne Cup REFEX is responsible for all matters regarding the tournament referees as we are part of the official organization of Norhalne Cup. Norhalne Cup is our main partner and fully supports the referees and their job on the fields. We provide training and feedback to the main part of the tournament, the referee job. A staff of qualified observers is supporting the referees. The referee observers are well trained, experienced and qualified to support the referees in their development of their career and skills. We are looking for referees, who should be at least 16 years old at time of the tournament with a minimum 1 year of experience. One of the requirements could be replaced by a written recommendation from your local association. You will be accommodated in Nørhalne School, which is reserved only for referees - breakfast and dinner are served at the school - lunch (sandwiches) at the fields. You can expect challenging but fun days with referees from several countries all over the world. Due to the great characters of the referees, Norhalne Cup provides great fun as well! We will have referee groups and many individual referees. Referees who are part of a group should contact their leaders directly. Individual referees can apply by their own via our application process on the website.

    Location Norhalne
    Date 09.05.2024 - 11.05.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 01.04.2024
    Classes U9 to U17, Elite and Non-Elite
    Accomodation In school: sleeping bag, pillow and mattress required
    Food Supply full accommodation, breakfast & dinner in school,lunch (sandwiches) at the field
    age limits 16
    Payment min €9 per game, 11€ for 11er Elite, Observer: min €80 for all 3 days
    Referee Vacancies 160/160
    Observer Vacancies 12 / 12
    Fees tournament fee: € 0.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    extra program

    Travel from Copenhagen: Referees from outside Denmark and Germany can travel to Copenhagen and can take a tournament bus from Copenhagen to Norhalne. This trip will be about 5 hours drive, so arrival in Copenhagen must be before lunch time. This service is only available Wednesday (from Copenhagen) and Sunday (to Copenhagen). If you would like to use this service, check the optional extra programme with Yes.

    In case of a cancellation of the tournament due to Corona desease regulations, we will refund the complete fees. In case you are cancelling due any reason we refer to our terms and conditions. Also if you can not participate due to not fullfilment of any travel restrictions by any country.

    For Danish referees only - Kun for danske dommere: Danske dommere afregnes via DBU Jylland i henhold til de til enhver tid gældende takster indgået mellem DFU og DBU. Nørhalne cup afregner dommere med fuldt dagsbeløb på kr. 500, hvis man overnatter i dommer kvarteret og i øvrigt er til fuld rådighed alle 3 kampdage. I henhold til enhver tid gældene aftaler mellem DBU og DFU vil betaling og modregning offentligøres når den aktuelt foreligger forelægger. Kampfordeling bliver foretaget af REFEX, som indberetter kampe, dømt af danske dommere til DBU Jylland, hvorfra jeres afregning vil ske. Der vil ikke kunne afregnes kørselsgodtgørelse til denne turnering, men vi er behjælpelige med transport fra Sjælland, samt Odense og Aarhus med vores egne busser. Skulle der ske ændringer i dommer honoraret vil diesse regler blive rettet til efter behovet. Ret til ændringer forbeholdes således.


    REFEX-Contact Oliver Dick
    emailEmail to Oliver ...
    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • Reycup 2024
     (24.07.2024 - 28.07.2024)

    Soccer, great nature and fun! ReyCup is a very great adventure and super tournament.
    Reykjavik international football and fun festival is a nice tournament where famous teams from Iceland, England and other countries meet. It is located in the heart of Reykjavik. We are guests at a very great host, Trottur Reykjavik. We always receive a great service and hospitality there. There are several offers around the tournament to make it a fun festival too.

    See official tournament booklet here: tournament-booklet 2023

    For more information on this tournament read the reports in our tournament archive from previous years. In 2022 international teams are coming back to iceland!

    Wednesday = free day

    The 1st day of the tournament (Wednesday) is usually reserved for the opening ceremony in the evening. So you may use the time to visit Reykjavik.
    If you want to do a guided tour, we can recommend The tour is for free, but they deserve a good tip! At lunchtime you may go down to the harbor to a restaurant there. If you like fish, ask for the "catch of the day"! It's a good meal, but cheaper than the usual meals on the card.

    If you don't mind the price, you may also take a bus to go to the blue lagoon, to relax there. Because of COVID you have to book your stay online!

    Another alternative is to do a daytrip to see some of icelands wonderful nature on the "golden circle tour", e.g. by or

    On Wednesday evening (after the opening ceremony) we'll have a meeting where I'll explain to you what's going on at the following days and how we handle officiating with 2 referees.

    The tournament days

    From Thursday to Sunday there will be games, starting at 8 o'clock in the morning ending at about 6 o'clock in the evening. We are going to officiate the games with 2 referees on the field. You'll have a good mix of easier and more challenging games.
    Be prepared to be on the field for about 6 games a day, so in total maybe more than 20 games in 4 days. If you're able to do a 10km run on one day and the next on the following day (you don't need a day for recovery) then your stamina has the right base.

    At the end of the day we may go to the pool at Laugardaslaug - near the stadium. That's really good for relaxing your muscles after the games. Normally there's also some event in the evening (e.g. meeting with the coaches of the foreign teams at KSI (Icelandic football federation) or a BBQ).

    All participants show a fair and friendly attitude, so it is really a pleasure to be referee there.

    Requirements for taking part

    • experience in officiating games with assistant referees
    • English language
    • real good physical condition


    Location Reykjavik
    Date 24.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 01.05.2024
    Classes U13 - U16 (boys & girls)
    Accomodation in a school (bed will be provided)
    Food Supply breakfast, lunch & dinner and snacks & beverages
    age limits 18-55
    Payment 250€ per referee
    Referee Vacancies 20/20
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    REFEX-Contact Jörg Irle
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    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • CEE Cup 2024
     (26.07.2024 - 30.07.2024)

    Top Level Tournament in Prague, the Golden City!

    Do you enjoy challenging games in combination with great team spirit and fun?

    Top class tournament for teams from central and eastern Europe but also famous international youth teams. This tournament is really on a top level that gives the best chance for your own refereeing development. Not only by the challenging games, but also with other top referees to learn from. There will be 10 games on 5 days being played at 2-3 fields in Prague. The games are full 90 minutes, a referee in the middle + two assistants + 4th official. The high level of the tournament requires only the best referees. We prefer very experienced referees with good physical condition, as the games can be both physically and mentally demanding. Experience working with assistants and as an assistant referee is essential. This is our best tournament for younger referees on the way to the top. There should be a maximum of 2 games a day for each referee (1 game in the middle and 1 game as a 4th official, or two lines). Referees will have a lot of time to explore the beautiful city of Prague. Previous teams are Palmeiras from Brazil first league team, Everton, Slavia and Sparta prague, Aston Villa, Tigres from Mexico, Galatasaray Istanbul and others.

    Location Prague
    Date 26.07.2024 - 30.07.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 01.05.2024
    Classes U19 only, High Class Top Teams
    Accomodation 4* Hotel in Prague
    Food Supply Full Accommodation
    age limits 18-35
    Payment No payment but good accommodation, you are responsible for your own travel costs
    Referee Vacancies 6/6
    Fees tournament fee: € 25.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • Norway Cup 2024
     (27.07.2024 - 03.08.2024)

    Welcome to Norway Cup, the biggest youth tournament world wide. You'll meet teams and referees from all over the world. From arrival till departure you'll be able to referee games, make friends and have fun at Ekeberg area. Don't hesitate and make an application for this fantastic tournament and travel with us to Oslo to write your own fantastic memories for life! 

    Norway Cup takes place in Oslo (capital of Norway) and is the largest youth tournament in the world. Being at this tournament means you will see more than 2000 different teams and will be able to work with 500 fantastic referees and observers from around the globe. Arrival will be on Friday with one full day off. You can arrive on Saturday, but it has to be before 16h. In the afternoon the first meeting for all the referees will take place. You will sleep in the school and the tournament provides beds. You should bring your own sleeping bag with you. All the referees will have full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner (+ drinking coupons) in the school. On Saturday there is a Norway Cup opening festival. As well as the almost 40,000 participating players, referees, spectators, and everyone from around Oslo is welcome.

    The main location is the Ekebergsletta, where you can find more than 40 pitches, the stadium, tournament shops, a free washing service (if provided by one of the sponsors) and even a fair with carousel. The actual tournament starts on Sunday. Until Thursday you should expect to referee around 4-6 games a day. You have the possibility of volunteering for extra games at the referee office. Match fees for referees range from 150 NOK to 70 NOK per game. Observers will receive 90 NOK per game. All referees have to be used to acting as main referee and assistant. Starting from Thursday, the number of games decreases, because the knockout phase will start. On Friday the quarterfinals will be played and on Saturday the finals and the 3rd place matches. You have to check-out from the school on Sunday morning after breakfast. As referee and observer, you will receive a bracelet which gives you free access to public transportation (buses, trams, trains, boats) and free entry to museums and cultural places (including swimming pools) in and around Oslo. We highly recommend this tournament. The slogan: ‘Create your own memories for life’ is really not a lie. Don’t hesitate, just join us at this wonderful tournament and bring with us the world together in sports!

    Location Oslo
    Date 27.07.2024 - 03.08.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 01.06.2024
    Classes U13 to U19, Elite and Non-Elite
    Accomodation Gym or room of a school
    Food Supply Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinking coupons
    age limits 15
    Payment min. 70NOK - 110NOK / game (2023)
    Referee Vacancies 81/100
    Observer Vacancies 7 / 10
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    extra program

    There is a possibility to make a combination with the Sandarcupen (week after Norway Cup). I am interested in making the combination with the Norway Cup 2024. More information will be sent when you register.

    You have to accept that it might be that you will need sleep in a gym hall of a school, together with other referees. The tournament doesn't have enough class rooms for all of the referees. In 2023 all the participants slept in rooms.

    REFEX-Contact Jakub Stefanski
    emailEmail to Jakub ...
    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  
  • Sandarcupen 2024
     (10.08.2024 - 11.08.2024)

    Have you ever been to beautiful Norway, the pearl of the North? Sandarcupen is a perfect plan if you want to combine a trip with a trip in Norway and want to be part of a well-organized tournament where you will be well received. An ideal combination if you want to participate in the Norway Cup and then have a few days of rest (and possibly visit - travel) and then do some games on the Sandarcupen.

    This tournament is being played in the south of Norway, about 120 km south of Oslo and being held the weekend after Norway Cup. Edition 2023 was the first time we worked together with this tournament and it was a great success. No less than 100 referees played matches throughout the weekend at this tournament. And this without any problems. The participants of REFEX want to be there again in 2024. That says enough we think?

    Do you want to do two tournaments? That's certainly possible. Participate in the Norway Cup ending on Sunday August 4, then a few days off (free to fill in) and the Sandarcupen? That's perfectly possible. It also gives you the chance to see something in Norway and do some traveling. Don't hesitate... Sandarcupen is a very well organized tournament where hospitality is important. Apply now!

    Location Sandefjord
    Date 10.08.2024 - 11.08.2024
    Arrival / Departure
    Deadline for applications 21.07.2024
    Classes Boys - Girls U14 - U19
    Accomodation School
    Food Supply Snacks at tournament + food fee
    age limits 16-65
    Payment min 100 - 160NOK/ game + food supply + travel expenses (more info in infoletter)
    Referee Vacancies 30/30
    Observer Vacancies 0 / 1
    Fees tournament fee: € 20.00
    annual fee: on your first participation in a REFEX-tournament in 2024 the annual fee € 18.00 is due.
    Payment of REFEX fees in advance! You'll get an invoice.
    extra program

    I am interested to make the combination with the Norway Cup 2024. I am interested in making the combination with the Norway Cup 2024. More information will be sent when you apply.

    The referees must travel to Sandefjord themselves. For your travel to the tournament (full journey) a compensation of 1000NOK will be paid (that compensates for the train from Oslo and back and part of your possible flight ticket). During the tournament you sleep in a school with other referees and you have to provide your own sleeping gear.

    REFEX-Contact Jakub Stefanski
    emailEmail to Jakub ...
    Applicationto apply, you have be registered with REFEX and you have to  

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