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Holland Cup 2024

Holland Cup is a perfect experience if you are looking for very good hospitality, fantastic and friendly people, refereeing in the middle of nature and if you want to meet lots of international teams. Same as in de scandinavian countries, you will meet lots of international teams (boys, girls and elite). After two years of pandemic, edition '22 was our first experience. We certainly do not regret our precense. Travel with us to Holland during Easter period, really.. don't hesitate! In 2023 we had referees from 7 countries. Is it possible to do better in 2024?

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Merry Christmas!


Thanks to volunteers!


On this special day we would like to thank everyone who helps us practice our hobby every day. In addition to competing, they also ensure that we can soak up the atmosphere abroad. All volunteers at REFEX are busy every day planning tournaments, maintaining contacts and preparing trips. Thanks to all the volunteers, we cannot only compete, but also make the best friendships in life. Because that's what it's all about. Every volunteer at REFEX does it for you, for us. Today is their holiday - Happy International Volunteer Day!

Staff meeting Oct '23


Every year a physical meeting of our staff takes place in a different place in the world. Last year it took place in Antwerp, this year in October everyone was invited to beautiful Łódź in Poland. Our home for that weekend was the ibis Lodz Centrum (hanks for the fantastic hospitality!). On Friday everyone arrived at a different time and an optional dinner followed for those already present. The conference took place on Saturday. The staff discussed all the tournaments of the past year, as well as the future. It was a very educational meeting that lasted a good 9 hours. Then we switched to the Novotel for a typical Polish dinner and the evening (or night) ended with some typical Polish drinks. On Sunday, a walk through the city was organized and the group present was allowed to try to escape from two Escape rooms. They both succeeded (even though it was very close). On Sunday evening a closing dinner took place in a Mediterranean restaurant. On Monday morning everyone returned home. Our thanks to everyone from the staff who were able to attend, but also to the friends who were able to make time to participate in some of the activities. This shows that our group is more than just the staff. Where we are going next year remains a secret for a while... at least for the general public. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again soon and continue what our good friend Michael started: bringing the world together in sports.
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On our misson to support referees in improving and also to take care of quality we need qualified observers. On several tournaments we also offer spots for observers.



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