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Norhalne Cup 2021

Nørhalne Cup is the 3rd biggest tournament in Denmark with about 550 youth teams and more than 1900 games in elite classes and amateur classes. It's a good experience especially for younger referees who want to gain more experience and qualified feedback. The referees will lead matches in a team and work alone.

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Have new experiences, meet new friends and improve your refereeing skills by learning from each other. We have tournaments/games on several levels so you don't have to be referee in the highest leagues to participate.



On our misson to support referees in improving and also to take care of quality we need qualified observers. On several tournaments we also offer spots for observers.



To give your tournament a more international touch, engage international referees. REFEX is your partner. We take care of the referes and we try to find the right referee group for your tournament.

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NorwayCup2020 Cancelled


A few moments ago, we received this message from our friends in Oslo.

‘Today came the dull message that we expected, but still feared. It is with sadness in our hearts that we have to cancel this year's Norway Cup.

As a result of the coronavirus, the authorities today decided to cancel all events with over 500 people until September 1st. Of course, this is something we respect in the dire situation the world is currently facing. Thus, there will be no football party at Ekebergsletta in 2020. We want all teams, participants, coaches, team leaders, parents, guardians and the public back to a solid folk party in 2021. We at the Norway Cup management are now working to find alternative and exciting solutions, and will come back with more information.’

Because of that we have to cancel all the participations. We hope to see you in Oslo in 2021 or on one of our other tournaments.

Local Soccer Language


Have you thought about what "dropped ball" / "Schiedsrichterball" is being called in Icelandic?

Thanks to Thorir of Throttur Reykjavik for providing us the terms for our referee dictionary in his native language.

Do you like to prepare for the next tournament?
See our big multilingual referee dictionary.

Corona Update April 24th


Dear friends,

we hear a lot of different informations about the actual situations in the various countries.
We strongly hope that you are all well and do not feel to much interfeared so far.

We’re in close connection with the tournaments to monitor the situation and will make reasonable decisions as soon as we come closer to the tournament. 
You can expect an information whether the tournament will take place or not at the following time:

So far cancelled tournaments:
Norhalne Cup, but Online for 2021
Bröndby Cup, but Online for 2021
Singa Cup

Reycup, Norway Cup and also CEE Cup are still in planning. So, no need for any cancellation for these tournaments so far.

We’ll accept cancellations for a period of 7 days after you’ve received that mail without any need to pay a fee. Please also bear in mind that REFEX can’t reimburse any travel related costs, so please book flexible fares, etc.

Stay at home and be safe. Support us all in not spreading the virus. The fast we all recover, the more chance we have to get to tournaments again. AND more important: SAFE LIFES!

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